Always more …

Come and discover all our activites offered by our ‘Access’ and ‘Adrenaline’ cards. You won’t be bored, it’s garanTIGNESd ! 


Whether you’re on the top of a mountain, around the lake or out and about in the resort, we’ve organised everything to offer you an unforgettable stay.

As well as the whole host of activities  on offer, we have plenty of little surprises ready for you. We lend various sports accessories for children and adults at our Plage des Sport (Sports Beach) or at our other activity sites. You won’t be short of ideas of what to do to  have fun with your family and friends.

Slaklines, table football, sets of boules for ‘petanque’, scooters, roller skates, children’s draisine bikes, skateboards, frisbees, traditional Mölky skittles, badminton, circus activites (diabolo, chinese plates, juggling balls, hoops…), various raquets, various balls, skipping ropes, timeless space hoppers and more. It’s impossible to get bored !

Please come and ask for the complete list from our staff at each site. We work hard to repect the current santiary rules and to insure the disinfection of our  equipment.


So see you soon in Tignes, we look forward to meeting you !